Brand Growth and BPO: How to Get it Right

Brand Growth and BPO: How to Get it Right

Brand growth and BPO services are an excellent combination for any brand looking to expand its reach to international markets. But you need to ensure you’re using the right partner and outsourcing the right services in order to get it right the first time.

With this in mind, our Day BPO blog thought you might benefit from knowing a little bit more about how BPO services can help you to build your brand.

Your brand is your voice, and with this in mind, it is this voice that makes or breaks your business. This brings us to one of the first things you should consider when using BPO to help build your brand.


Is Your Brand Voice Properly Represented to Ensure Brand Growth?

As a business, you know exactly who you are and what you represent.  The way you communicate with your audience helps to make your brand’s voice to be heard.





Is Your BPO Provider Engaging Your Customers?

Customer engagement plays a key role in the operations of any business. Repeat customers/clients are who make the business. It’s going to be the BPO’s duty (especially for front-office operations) to ensure that your customers are properly engaged and happy. By doing this, you eventually get loyal customers who more often than not become evangelists for your brand spreading the good news everywhere they go.

确保你选择的外包公司在与你的客户接触时了解 "如何",这样他们也就能很好地了解你公司的 "为什么 "并相应地履行他们的职责。


Does Your Company Culture Show Up Out There?




Does Your BPO Provider Understand Your Brand Identity?

When everyone understands the business’s brand identity, all other things fall into place in a more seamless manner. This is one of the reasons why brand identification is important.

Your brand identity helps to give consumers a reason to choose you because they identify with what your brand and company represents. Your brand identity sets the standard at which you operate which means that all players have to have to be on board.


  • 感知
  • 客户体验
  • 价值
  • 尊敬的
  • 可取性


Tips to Get Brand Growth and BPO Right the First Time


  • 他们应该有品牌忠诚度--与拥有消费者的忠诚度类似,培养外包商对你品牌的忠诚度也是一个好主意。
  • Educate them on your company and its culture – The onboarding process between you and your outsourcer is important. This is the key to exposing them to your company’s culture. You can offer training sessions, and provide training materials such as manuals and videos. You would treat them as if they were your very own employees.
  • 抛出一些福利 - 为什么不呢?如果你的外包商经历了入职过程,并开始适应公司的文化,以便更好地服务于你的消费者,你至少可以做的是抛出一些福利。




The BPO sector has come a long way since it gained popularity. That said, we were glad to enlighten you if you didn’t know that BPOs can indeed help to build your brand.


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